2x42 Craftsman Belt Grinder for Knife Making - YouTube

Expand for table of contents and suggested parts links respirator - organic & p95 particulate - http://amzn.to/13j4Vxq proper face shield - http://amzn.to/15y47os 2x42 sanding belts - http://amzn.to/19FlHu6 1/8" x 2" x 18" O1 tool steel - http://bit.ly/15y3D1M stabilized hardwood knife scales - http://amzn.to/13j5nM1 This is an unboxing video for the Craftsman 2x42 belt/disc grinder. I bought it for knife making. Skip to 5:05 if you just want a tour of the unit Just a WARNING! This particular grinder was broken when I recieved it. If you go to 3:33 you can hear the problem. If yours makes this same noise when you spin the drive wheel I can promise you it will not work or wear out extremely quickly! 0:00 intro 1:15 unboxing 1:38 contents 3:15 2/3 hp vs 1/3 hp 3:33 *IMPORTANT* this one was broken and you can hear the problem here 4:09 thoughts on USA vs chinese tools 5:05 a little tour of the unit 5:54 tool humping action 6:19 belt changing 6:57 belt tracking adjustment